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Friday, February 12, 2010

Captain America Final

The final render of the Captain America game model.

This began from a generic male superhero Zbrush model I created in a previous project. I started by adjusting the body proportions to created the physique I thought Captain America should have then moved on to loosely model the face after actor Mark Valley. Once those changes were done I move on to exploring costume materials. I knew I didn't want to alter the traditional costume but I did want to explorer what the suit might be made of in the real world. I played with carbon fiber, chain mail and various small plate patterns but ended up going with a small scale pattern compared to the large scale pattern various colic artist have used. I went with leather for the rest of the costume with a looser leather around the abdomen for easier movement and comfort when crouching and so on. Once sculpting was done I created a flat color layout in Photoshop to check color placement. I used AO and normal maps created in Topogun to add more detail to the texture. Once happy with that I replaced the flat colors with textures created from photos and did some minor topology tweaks. Once the model was finalized and the diffuse maps created I then switched from rendering in 3ds max to rendering in the Marmoset toolbag for rendering. Once the model was viewable in the toolbag I began working on creating specular maps which maps looked correctly in the engine. After some texture tweaks I related the pose some for the final renders, I'm not not much of a rigger so I didn't fully pose the model.

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